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Huishansi Temple

Huishansi Temple is located at the foot of Jicuifeng peak on the south of the Taishishan Mt. and approximately 6 kilometers away from Dengfeng city. It was included into the fifth group of national key protection relics by state council in 2001. It was originally imperial abode of King Xiaowen of Northern Wei Dynasty (471 -499 A.D.) was used as Buddhist place after the extinction of Northern Wei Dynasty and renamed as Huishansi temple by King Wen of Sui Dynasty. Huishansi temple had witnessed peak development in Tang Dynasty and great many eminent monks such as Puji and Jingji and eminent astronomist Seng Yixing have been cultivated in Huishan temple. Wu Zetian had paid a visit to the eminent monk Daoan during her visit to Songshan and she had referred Daoan as national mentor. Then, a glaze abstinence palace had been built by Zeng Yixing and Xuan Tong, which had become one of the largest abstinence palaces in China during that period.