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Zhuzuan, located on Guixingshan Mt. northwest of Changzhuyuan temple of Shaolin temple was built the 7th ruling year of emperor Xuehe of the Northern Song Dynasty (1225 A.D). The temple was included into the 4th groups of national key relics and protection articles in 1996. With exception to Dadian which had been built in the Northern Song Dynasty, all the other structures had been rehabilitated during Ming and Qing Dynasties. The beam structure, bracket percentage and construction methods are typical representation of beautiful wood structure and elegant craftsmanship of Song Dynasty, which corresponds to records of Yingzaofashi (Construction methods), an important works on construction in Song Dynasty. In addition, its stone sculptures and wood structures are only examples of its kind in the world, providing concrete proof for wood structure construction methods explained in Yingzaofashi (Construction methods).