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Bodhi Damour (English: Bodhidharma, also known as: Bodhidharma), translated as dharma. Claim twenty-eighth of the Zen Buddhist ancestors, as the ancestor of Chinese Zen, the Zen China also called Damour, Damour is known as the "China first patriarch", "founder Damour, and Jackson, Fu Dashi called the Daisan Baozhi Tuas beam. He sailed to Guangzhou during the reign of Emperor Wu in the southern dynasties. Emperor Damour believed in Buddhism, to the southern capital of Jianye will Liangdi, interview not lease, then crossing a reed, north of the capital Luoyang, Songshan Zhuo tin after Shaolin Temple, facing the wall for nine years, the mantle in hui-k'o. After a tour of life in yumen.
Historical spread
History has survived many stories about Damour, which is called a man known to every family, a reed, the wall nine years, standing in the snow, only to fulfill Brokeback seselopsis, these beautiful story, the descendants of Damour have expressed admiration and nostalgia.
Damour comes east
One day, Damour to ask his master said: "after I got the Dharma, should to where mass?" Prajna DORO said: "you should go to the (i.e. Chinese)". Said: "you do not live in the south, Aurora, where the preferences of the monarch exploits, cannot comprehend buddhism".
Damour in accordance with the master's orders, prepare your baggage, driving a boat, ride the wind and waves, across the seas, for a period of three years, experienced the arduous and tortuous, came to China. After Damour to Chinese, governor of Guangzhou that the matter quickly told Jinling, Xiaoyan "immediately sent envoys to Damour to Kyoto, to welcome the guests, treat each other.
First arrived in Luoyang
It is said that when he came to Luoyang, see the Yongning Temple Pagoda is very beautiful, from the cloud: "one hundred and fifty years old, Li visits countries", has never been seen before, "the Buddha realm, this is not!" Thus "chanting namo, prayer days" ("Luoyang qielanji" volume). To the Shaolin Temple in Songshan, "the wall and sit all day long silence, Mo person's test, that the concept of Brahman wall" ("Jingde chuandeng recorded" volume third). In the meantime, apprentices have hui-k'o hui-k'o, "Li Xue Brokeback" story is popular in the world.
After that, he continued with his disciples (from northbound "continued monks" called him "Qi Ye Xia Nan Zhu monk Bodhi Damour", "teacher" also wrote "Damour Jackson, who also Mahayana, the sea travel to Wu Yue, Luo Ye"). But as in the south, it was very bad. Not only by the people ", but also ridiculed the slander" was the light of lawyers, who support flow Sanzo et al persecution, did six poison, eventually due to poisoning does not save die. In Xiong'ershan (now Henan Yiyang county), in Dinglin temple tower. But, three years after his death, the Song Wei cloud from the Western home, and met him in their ears. See his hand only shoes, dancing only fleeting. At that time, Song Yun asked him, "where is the master?" His answer is: go back to the west. Therefore, there are "only go back to the west" legend. If Song Yun said is true, then it is possible that Damour had not been dead, but the return ("Jingde chuandeng recorded" in his "desire West Tianzhu").
Seeing Liang Wu first
Damour is a Zen Mahayana school, purdue. Because of their different ideas, each about two Buddhist, people always speculation. The emperor can not understand (and therefore face the meditation reflection, after the door made them become the disciple), then Damour was not long in Nanjing activities, so they leave Xiao Yan, crossing into the North wei.
Later, the famous "Bi Shi" recorded by Zen Buddhism spread it as the first "Ode to ancient songs". Later, it will become a Zen koan as everyone knows.On Shenguang
When to read books by ILO SG, broad-minded smell, Mu division of high winds, for normal arm, sense of its sincere and reassuring pass true method issued a grant, he renamed the Koan, hui-k'o. After nine years, to return to the west, told a secret of the accounts, and granted cassock Lankavatara Sutra in four volumes. Not long into the silence, buried in the Xiong'ershan Shanglin temple. The more three years, the Yundu Song Wei Cong Ling, Damour carrying shoes to the West falls. A teacher's life is legendary. The teacher died in two years (528) beam Datong, Datong beam first year (535) or two years of heterodoxy. And the emperor known division as "Saint helmet master" title; Tang Dynasty gave "Yuanjue master", a concept of empty tower.
Crossing a reed
After the dialogue between Damour and Emperor Wu Liang, Emperor Wu was deeply sorry, and when he heard the news of Damour's departure, he immediately sent for a mule to catch up with him. Catch up in the middle section of the shogunate, both sides of the mountain suddenly closed, a pedestrian was sandwiched between the two peaks. Damour is walking to the river, saw someone came in a broken reed river into the river, into a boat, floating across the river. Up to now, people still call the peak of the Fu hill called "mule mule peak", and call the cave "Damour cave" resting on the north foot of the mountain Damour.
Shaolin Zen
After the Damour River, a Zen battle, Manitoba mountain temple worship, in meditation, Xiaochang of the Northern Wei Dynasty three years (AD 527 years) arrived in Songshan Shaolin Temple. Damour see here mountains, lush forests, beautiful scenery, quiet environment, Buddhism thriving industry, kiss consistent conversation. I thought, this is really a rare piece of pure land buddhism. So he took Shaolin Temple as his missionary mission. A wide set of biography Zen monks. Since then, Damour has become Chinese Zen Chuzu, Shaolin Temple is known as China buddhism.
There are ancient poetry Chan said:
The road across the water on a complex, so the dark alone. The next day, poor pair of elephants, two strains of laurel, Chang GUI chang.
Damour arrived in Shaolin Temple of Songshan, Wei, where alone meditate, when he said the concept of Brahman as wall. A sterile, two Salmonella hui-k'o ceremony to see Damour, and close to and support for four or five years. Damour felt they were sincere, and they taught him how to dress. The four volume "Lankavatara Sutra" grant hui-k'o said: "I see Chinese root is in the most appropriate, you can do that, out of the world.
With the development of Zen Buddhism in China, Damour gradually became a legendary figure. First is the legend of Damour to Jinling (present-day Nanjing) and the question and answer of Emperor Wu di. The emperor is a Buddhist emperor, he ascended the throne after the construction of the temple, Buddhist monks and statues, very much, he is vain to ask Damour: "I did these things have much merit?" Damour said, "no merit."." The emperor asked again, "why is there no merit?"" Damour said: "this is a promising thing, not a real merit."." The emperor can not understand, Damour is crossing into wei. The most ancient literature of this legend is anonymous "unearthed in Dunhuang ancient magic" (774 essays) and Tang Zong Smith "on" Shuchao Yuanjue by 2. Later, the famous "Bi Shi" recorded by Zen Buddhism took it as the first "Ode to ancient times"".
Poisoned and gone
Damour's later years deeds, each biography has not explicitly recorded. Later he met the legend of poison were buried in Xiong'ershan (now Henan Yiyang county), but also from the cloud from the Western Wei Song to meet Damour in Qinling. Damour hand dancing shoes only fleeting. So there is the legend of "only go west".
Damour came to China at the time of the Northern Wei dynasty. There is a master bodhiruci, very jealous of Damour, many injuries are not successful. He told people to poison Damour's food, and Damour knew it was poisonous. When he finished eating, he spat a poisonous snake out of his mouth. Until one day, Damour was already established as hui-k'o Dharma heir, he decided to death.
Return only to the West
Damour poisoned Damour only sixth times before the Bodhi branch was poisoned. His disciples buried him in the coffin.
On that day, the Northern Wei Dynasty to a Western Envoy Song Yun, went to the Cong Ling area, met Damour founder, and he said: "master, you will pass the law to whom?"
Founder Damour said: "do you know. I'm going back to India." He took off one of his shoes and said to Song Yun, "go back quickly. Your king will die today."."
When Song Yun came back, he talked about it and did not believe Damour was dead. So they opened the coffin and looked inside. There was only one shoe. Some people say that Damour was to China to have been one hundred and fifty years old.