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Rich Confucianism Culture of Songshan

Songshan has witnessed significant effects of Confucianism, which is rarely seen in the history of famous mountains in China. Confucianism have experienced four stages of development in history, namely early Confucianism before Qin Dynasty, God oriented Confucianism in Western Han Dynasty, philosophy in Song Dynasty, and new Confucianism in modern times. Songyang academy together with Huiyang academy, Qiumin academy and Bailudong academy comprises of the four great academies of China.Songyang academy was an educational centre of philosophy in Song Dynasty and had played significant role in ancient China. Chongfugong, located not far away from Songyang academy, was used for eminent off trend scholars of Song Dynasty. A great many eminent scholar such as Fan Hengyang, Chen Yi and Si Maguang had worked there.

Songyang academy and Chongfugong temple are places where founders of philosophy of Song Dynasty such as Chen Yi and Chen Yin had worked. The philosophy of Song Dynasty was official philosophy of China’s feudal society and government officials and eminent scholars had all rehabilitated Songyang academy. Eminent scholar Gen Jian of Qing Dynasty had spent all his fortune to rehabilitate and expand Songyang academy which had made it become the centre of Paige philosophy in Qing Dynasty. Hence, a visit to Songyang academy could enhance your knowledge and understanding of Confucian culture, especially philosophy of Song Dynasty.

The predecessors of Confucianism including Zhou Gong, Xu You, Chao Fu and Bo Yi all had close relations with Songshan: Zhou Gong was related with astronomical observation station, and Bo Shan had lived in seclusion in Qishan of Song Shan. Hence, as its effects on Buddhism and Taoism, Songshan has equally important position in Confucianism as well.