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Rich Taoist Culture of Songshan

Songshan is well known as a Taoist place. Zhongyuanmiao temple, originally called as Taishici temple and first built during Qin Dynasty,is well known for its magnificent buildings. Zhongyuanmiao temple as one of the sacred places of Taoism is entitled as Sixth Gate to Heaven. On the central axis stand 11 courtyards totaling around 0.7 Km in length and over 10,000 m2 in area. The temple is the most intact ancient buildings among the five greatest mountains. Siyuandiantai temple of Zhongyuanmiao temple is a unique temple of all temples for its religious significance.

Chongfugong temple, originally called Taiyiguan temple and Wansuiguan temple and first built in the first ruling year of emperor Han Wudi of Han Dynasty, has a history of more than 2000 years. During the rule of Emperor Song Zhenzong, Taiyiguan temple had witnessed peak development and renamed as Chongfugong temple. It had not only an assembling place for eminent Confucianism apprentices but also a residing place for eminent Taoists in history. For instance, Kou Qian of Northern Wei Dynasty together with Liu Daohe of Tang Dynasty, Dong Daoshen of Song Dynasty and Qiu Changchun of Jin Dynasty had practiced Taoism in Chongfugong temple.

Taoist buildings and stone temples in Songshan have significant value. Zhongyuandadian temple of Zhongyuanmiao temple, was expanded in the 6th ruling year of Emperor Song Zhen and rehabilitated several times later. It contains nine courtyards on both sides and five courtyards on the central axis. All the buildings are tall and magnificent. Zhongyuanmiao temple is the largest temple of Zhongyuan Mt. and the largest ancient building in middle China. In addition, there are Taishique temple, Qimuque temple and Shaoshique temple of Han Dynasty. The three temples hereabove all have inscriptions and paintings which are of high historical value.