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I‘d like to know something about Songshan

Songshan‘s ancient starting 3 billion 600 million years ago, called the mountains of the motherland, it has “geological wonders of five generations“, known as the “natural geological museum“, “Encyclopedia of“. Here is the oldest existing China Han Dynasty ritual Architecture -- Han Buddhism, three temple gates by Shaolin Temple, birthplace of Taoism -- one of the Zhongyue temple, the four famous academies in Song Dynasty, Songyang academy, China the earliest extant pagoda, the oldest China Songyue temple tower, the most intact astronomical observatory building, etc., can be described as cultural relics with Buddhism Confucianism a broad and profound connotation.

What scenic spots are there in Songshan?

Songshan scenic area consists of fifteen three major scenic spots, namely Shaolin scenic spot: Chuzu um, Damour, um Zu 2, Dong San Juan village, Shaolin Temple, Tallinn, Yongtai Zhongyue temple; scenic spot: the observatory, Luya waterfall, Zhongyue temple; Songyang Temple Scenic Area:, Shan Temple, Songyang academy, Songyue book temple, mountain.

How much is the entrance fee for Songshan?

Shaolin Temple scenic spot ticket 100 yuan, including the Shaolin Temple, Tallinn, San Juan walled regular hospital, martial arts, Chuzu um, um Zu 2 and other attractions. (click here for more attractions tickets)

What is the customer service phone number in Songshan? Where is the address?

Songshan service Tel: 0371-62745000, address: Shaolin scenic area, Dengfeng, Henan, Songshan.