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China National Travel Service (Dengfeng) Songshan Shaolin Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Company), located in Songshan Shaolin tourist attraction area of Dengfeng city of Henan province, was established in December of 2009 with total registered capital of 100 million Yuan. It current assets total 230 million Yuan and it possesses 647 employees. As a Chinese foreign joint venture, it has two shareholders, Dengfeng Shaolin Cultural Tourism Group Corporation and China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited (holding 51% of Company’s shares) which is attached to China National Travel Service (HK) Group Corporation. Its main business scope covers reception of tourist groups, sales of tourism commodities, tourism trade, provision of parking area and electronic tour car, maintenance of infrastructures of the tourist attraction area, and property management. The Company has ten departments including management department, marketing department and enterprise development department. The Company possesses more than 120 personnel with bachelor degree or junior senior technical titles. In addition, it has a strong R&D team. It is resulted from powerful combination of world class cultural tourism resources and world class tourism management teams. The Company conducts unified management for Shaolin, Songyang and Zhongyuan scenic spots, among which, the first scenic spot is awarded 5A National Tourist Attraction Area and the last twos 4A National Tourist Attraction Area.

Songshan, dated back to 3.6 billion years ago, is well known as Father of Mountains, Natural Geological Museum and Geological Encyclopedia for its geological wonder of having “five generations under one roof”. It has China’s existing oldest Han etiquette building, Hansanjue, one of the great four academies of Chinese Song Dynasty, Songyang academy, China’s existing oldest brick pagoda, Songyuan pagoda, and China’s existing oldest and most intact astronomical building, astronomical observation. Hence, Songshan possesses rich cultural heritage, combines quintessence of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, and has profound and extensive significance.

Songshan is endowed with rich natural and cultural resources with an area of 159 m2. It is among China’s first group of Key National Scenic Spots, National Forest Parks, Demonstration Spots for National Civilized Scenic Areas, 5A National Scenic Sites, and World Forest Parks. Eleven scenic sites of Songshan including Dengfeng’s historic building groups “Between Earth and Sky” were inscribed on World Cultural Heritage List on August 1st of 2008.

In 2010, the Company has integrated management of Songshan scenic area on overall level. With help of innovational and human resource reform, the management mode thereof has been transformed from administrative mode to standardized enterprise management mode and a new organization structure has been established. As a result, management of the three Songshan scenic areas had been unified in five aspects and the management has become standardized as per modern enterprise system. In this way, management and operation mechanism of Songshan scenic area has been completely transformed, which has made historic breakthrough for its development.

Through innovation management system, the Company has transformed development mode, improved management structure, established complete management regulations, enhanced management and service quality, and strengthened marketing management. As a result, the turnover of Songshan scenic area has been significantly improved with total tourist quantity and income reaching 2.6 million persons and 174 million Yuan respectively in 2010. All operation indexes have been the best in history. And for the first time in history, the tourist quantity has exceeded that in the Huangshan Mt. and Mt. Ermei.

The mission of the Company is to make the most of rich cultural heritages of Songshan scenic area, create train cultural and tourism business in Dengfeng city, and develop Songshan scenic area as national and international famous tourist attraction area by combining sightseeing tourism and leisure tourism and by providing best quality multifunctional composite tourism products. In this way, Songshan scenic area could be developed quickly as demonstration area for the management and operation of cultural natural scenic sites in China, key support for tourism development strategies in Henan province and a beautiful name card for Henan tourism in China and in the whole world.