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Shaolin Scenic

Songshan Shaolin scenery site is world famous tourist attraction and in the first group of 5A national scenery sites. It has unique natural sceneries and rich cultural landscape. Major cultural scenery sites, focusing in an area of 2.18 m2 include Shaolin temple, world’s first temple and origin of Zen and Shaolin Kongfu, China’s most intact and largest existing group of pagodas, China’s earliest stone temple Shaoshique, Kongfu gallery, Bodhidharma Cave, Zhuzuan, Erzuan, Shifang Zen temple, and Ganlutai observation. Natural sceneries are mostly located in Sanhuangzhai village of Shaoshishan Mt., which has experienced the three greatest mountain making movements of Songyang, Zhongyuan and Shaolin Mountains with best representative site at Songshan world geological park. Other representative sites include Monkey Watching Sky, Yunfenghuxiao, sunset and Shaoshi in autumn.