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Pagoda Forest

Pagoda forest, located approximately 300m on the west of Changzhuyuan temple of Shaolin temple, is a cemetery for eminent monks of Shaolin temple. The pagoda forest was included into the 4th groups of national key relics and protection articles in 1996. According to rules of Buddhism, after the death of a monk, his apprentices built a pagoda of a size representing his achievements, status in Buddhism, Buddhism knowledge, reputation and economic status. This is how a great number of pagodas of different sizes coming into existence to memorize feats of Shaolin eminent monks. Pagoda forest of Shaolin temple, totaling over 21000 m2 in area, is the largest existing commentary pagoda groups in China, which include stone commentary pagodas totaling 228 of seven dynasties, namely Five Dynasties, Song, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing and Tang dynasties. In addition, there are 3 modern pagodas and 14 stone sculptures. Shaolin temple is well known as ancient pagoda art museum which provides object references for comprehensive researches on development of ancient Chinese architecture, sculpture and religion.