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The data provider in this web site has the copyright of all the information on this page. Without the written permission of general CTS (Dengfeng) Songshan Shaolin cultural tourism limited, no person shall copy or mirror. This site does not guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the external links for the convenience of the user.


First, all the materials and charts contained in this website are for reference only. The publication of these documents does not constitute an offer or intention to acquire, sell, subscribe, sell or hold any equity interest. Persons who refer to the documents published on this website shall be deemed to have recognized the above position. The investor's profit and loss on the basis of the information, data and graphs provided by this website are not related to the website.

Second registered users of the site to participate in various activities organized by the website, we will agree and confirm your registration form, the form requires you to provide personal information, such as your name, gender, age, date of birth, ID number, home address, degree of education, the company industry, etc.. Please be assured that we will not disclose any information to any third party in any way without your consent.

Third, when the government judicial organs in accordance with legal procedures require the disclosure of personal registration information on this website, we will be required by law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security to provide personal registration information. The website is not liable for any disclosure under these circumstances.

Article fourth this web site is not responsible for any personal data leakage due to the user's personal password being communicated to or sharing a registered account with another person.

Fifth any due to hacker attacks, virus outbreak or because of government regulation caused a temporary close effect of personal data leakage, force majeure caused by the normal operation of the network is lost, stolen or tampered with, this website all exemption.

Article sixth this website is exempted from any legal disputes and consequences arising from the disclosure of personal data caused by other websites linked to this website.

Seventh, such as the site for the maintenance or upgrade of the system needs to be suspended, will be announced in advance. The website assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience or loss caused by hardware failure or other force majeure due to hardware failure or other force majeure within the line of control and non company control.

Eighth users of this website violate the law of the People's Republic of China because of violation of the provisions of this statement, and all the consequences of their own responsibility, the site does not assume any responsibility.

Any ninth person who lands on this website or directly or indirectly uses the material of this website shall be deemed to have voluntarily accepted the restriction of this web site.

Tenth issues not covered in this declaration refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the state. When this declaration conflicts with the laws and regulations of the state, the laws and regulations of the State shall prevail.

Eleventh of the website statement and its modification right, the right to update and finally explained is the power of China (Dengfeng) Songshan Shaolin cultural tourism company limited.