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Taishique, located on the central axis of Zhongyuanmmiao temple at 600m away on south of the middle courtyard, was originally Shengdaoque of Taishici. It was first built by leader of Yangcheng Lu Chang in the fifth ruling year of King Andi of East Han Dynasty (118 A.D.). Taishique together with Shaoshique and Qimuque has comprised of the three palaces of Han Dynasty of Zhongyuan. Location and position of god’s lane of Taishique have never been changed, providing important proof for the sacrificing activities for God of Mountains of Taishishan Mt. in ancient China. Que is built in pair in symmetry in front of gate for city, cementary, palace or a temple. It is called que (meaning shortage), for there is no horizontal tablet in the middle. Que is symbol of main gate and dignity. Taishique has been included in the first group of key national protection relics by the State Council in 1961. Taishique, with rectangular stones as constructional material, has Li and Zhuan Chinese character inscriptions which have recorded the reason to build Taishique and the effects of offering sacrifices to God of Mountains. It provides important concrete proof to study the evolution of Chinese calligraphy. On the body of Que are over 50 sculptures including human figures, dragon, tiger, cockfight, and scene of going outside by cart and horse, which provides valuable material to study customs, architecture, painting techniques and social life of Han Dynasty.